Secretary: Kim Keyte

Coaching Staff

Under 16 Blue

Manager: Stuart Bingham
Coach: Marc Housley, Ash Ball

Under 15 Orange

Manager: Mark Wright
Assistant Manager: Vacant

Under 14 Black

Manager: Andy Farley
Coach: Carlo Degrassi

Under 14 Orange

Manager: Josh Blundell
Coach: Ross Baxter

Under 13 Black

Manager: Martin Vamplew
Coach: John Tucker

Under 13 Orange

Manager: Leigh Ballard
Coach: Lee Dixon

Under 12 Green

Manager: Graham Snape
Coach: Andy Hall

Under 12 Orange

Manager: Rob Kelly
Coach: Mark Taylor

Under 12 Silver

Manager: Mark Wright
Coach: Jason Southern

Under 12 Yellow

Manager: Dave Gorman
Coach: Mark Hodgeson

Under 11 Black

Manager: Nat Benson
Coach: Vacant

Under 11 Orange

Manager: Steve Tootell
Coach: Stuart Pike

Under 11 Red

Manager: Vicki Pass
Coach: Craig Astley

Under 11 White

Manager: Ant Ryder
Coach: Elliot Dunn

Secretary: Phil Benson

Coaching Staff

Under 10 Black

Manager: Stewart Boocock
Coach: Alex Cockayne

Under 10 Green

Manager: Derek Green
Coach: Vacant

Under 10 Orange

Manager: Robert Ibrahim
Coach: Vacant

Under 10 Red

Manager: Rick Kilburn
Coach: Mik Whitehead

Under 10 White

Manager: Dale Munday
Coach: Pete Bibby

Under 9 Black

Manager: Mark Crozier
Coach: Kevin Ryder

Under 9 Orange

Manager: Graham Keyte
Coach: Vacant

Under 9 Red

Manager: Jo Marshall
Coach: Gary Wearden

Under 9 White

Manager: Chris Fletcher
Coach: Kevin Peacock

Under 8 Black

Manager: Jon Moffatt
Manager: Vacant

Under 8 Orange

Manager: Vicki Pass
Manager: Vacant

Under 8 Red

Manager: Deen Raffie
Coach: Joe Knight

Under 8 White

Manager: Chris Gradwell
Coach: Vacant

Under 7 Black

Manager: Ian Oakes
Coach: Cameron Johnston

Under 7 Orange

Manager: Dave Williams
Coach: Lee Robinson

Under 7 Red

Manager: Michal Druzkawiecki
Coach: Mostafa Affifi

Under 7 White

Manager: Dave Noble
Coach: Brendan Milward


email: [email protected]

Secretary: Jodie Dervish
Girls Development & Recruitment: Jodie Dervish

For Further info : 07812 060920

Coaching Staff 2023/2024


Under 15s

Manager: Jodie Dervish
Coach: Ryan Dervish

Under 14s Orange

Manager: Mark Gillibrand 
Coach: vacant 

Under 14s Black

Manager: Jonathan Morgan
Coach: Chris Menzies

Under 13s

Manager: Richard Precious

Under 12s

Manager: Steven Hodges
Coach: Vacant

Under 11's 

Manager: Ian Huggan
Coach: Adam Draycott

Under 10's

Manager: David Billsborough


4yrs-8yrs girls development

Contact: [email protected]




Coaching Staff

First Team

Manager: Matt Atherton
Assistant Manager: Darren Davies
Coach: Dave Lavery
Secretary: Hugh McKinnon - Telephone: 07851 603350
Fixtures/Results/League Table:NWCFL | The Official Website of The North West Counties Football League


Manager: Jason Clark
Assistant Manager: Oliver Leighton-Reardon
Secretary: Hugh McKinnon - Telephone: 07851 603350
Fixtures/Results/League Table: West Lancashire Football League (


Manager: Mark McDonnell

Coaching Staff

Under 18s

Manager: Andy Lee
Assistant Manager: Ian Huggan